Ronan by Clinet


2014 vintage.

Today a well known and indeed rather sought after name, Clinet has not always been such a reputable or reliable estate; indeed, over the years, Clinet has seen its fair share of both good times and bad. In recent years the estate has been on a roll, turning out a number of very attractive wines.

Ronan Laborde, the owner of Château Clinet, one of Pomerol's finest estates, decided 10 years ago to make a wine as close as he could to a Pomerol from neighbouring appellations at a very much lower price than Pomerol itself commands. With the winemaking team from Clinet, he set about the task and has established a much envied reputation for Ronan by Clinet.

Tasting Note:
Seductive, generous aromas of rich red fruits, smoke, sweet spice and nuts. Bags of charm and glossy cherries and plums.

Bottle Size:

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