PINEA is born of the founders desire to make a one of the best wines in the world. Its name is inspired by a beautiful and majestic Pinus Pinea tree, which is probably one of the oldest and tallest in the region. Surrounded by old vines, it has been witness to centuries of history. PINEA is a hand-made wine crafted with care and respect for its origins. PINEA is a faithful reflection of the terroir and the passion of everyone involved in its creation. Grapes for PINEA are sourced from old vines, some of which for 90+ years have grown on clay-loam terrain at over 3,000 ft. altitude. Our viticulture team follows sustainable, bio-dynamic and precision viticulture practices to ensure maximum grape quality. This is followed by a minimal intervention approach in vinification to ensure that the grape is able to express itself fully.

A grand melange of aromas from our fruits and exquisite barrels lead to the soft woody depth of spicy tones. The opulent and majestic base reveals abundant tannins and boldness in fruit that makes it remarkably generous for near-term drinking but that will also reward patient cellaring. A powerful and elegant approach that is velvety and rich from start to finish. Excellent body with abundant but not overpowering tannin and well integrated alcohol, achieving a perfect balance on its journey through the front, mid and back palate before a long, savory end. Upon entry, leaves flavors of black forest fruits, blackberries and spices such as clove and black pepper. It has a long and harmonious aftertaste and a smoky finish that gives it great length. A round, complex and balanced wine that highlights the maximum potential of Tempranillo at its very best.

Tasting Note:
Highly perfumed, expressing the classic fruit profile of Tempranillo with its own unique finesse very reminiscent of fine Burgundy. Black forest fruits, plum, and blueberry dominate with hints of light accents of vanilla, cacao nibs and cedar playing a supporting, background role.
Bottle Size:

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