Palacios Remondo, Plácet Blanco


After making his name in Priorat and Bierzo, famed Spanish winemaker Álvaro Palacios returned to his ancestral home in Rioja and took over the winemaking reigns at his family’s bodega Palacios Remondo.

The only white wine made by Alvaro Palacios, Plácet, meaning "consent", is crafted from the Viura variety, resulting in an outstanding wine that Alvaro Palacios feels has 'wonderful depth and purity,’ and is truly enjoyable when served alone or with any kind of food.

Tasting Note:
Full-bodied, with perfectly-balanced acidity, this wine contains succulent flavours of white peaches, creamed honey and soft minerality, along with subtle hints of chamomile and fennel.
Bottle Size:

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