Buena Vista North Coast Chardonnay

Founded in 1857 by the self-proclaimed ‘Count of Buena Vista’ Agoston Haraszthy, Buena Vista pioneered the production of high-quality wines in California. Here he introduced groundbreaking viticultural practices such as dry-farming and hillside planting as well as constructing California’s first gravity-fed winery. Following several changes in ownership, the historic winery was purchased in 2011 by the Boisset family from Burgundy. Under Jean-Charles Boisset the winery has undergone extensive renovation and the Count’s original vision is being pursued with renewed vigour.

This elegant wine has fresh lemon and apple flavors, subtle butter and vanilla accents, good vibrant acidity and a polished texture. The mouthfeel turns richer with each sip yet the appetizing balance remains on the finish.

Tasting Note:
Rich flavors of Asian pear, white peach and lemon are accented with flavors of vanilla oak and a touch of smoke on the finish.
Bottle Size:

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