M de Minuty Cotes de Provence Rose

Grape varieties: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah

Thirty years ago, Minuty took a gamble. They started making a new style of rosé, based on freshness above all else. These new, incredibly pale rosés became the benchmark for today’s most popular style of rosé – pale, herby, refreshing Provence pink. And Minuty really is the gold standard. Its famous fluted bottle is instantly recognisable as a sign of quality – and style is more than matched by substance. Not only are Minuty one of the very last châteaux in Provence to pick their grapes by hand, they’re also one of only fourteen châteaux to be designated cru classé. It’s white peachy. It’s grapefruity. It’s fresh. It really is the taste of an idyllic summer. Spending thirty years pioneering and perfecting this type of rosé has more than paid off.

Tasting note:
Light and bright. Very intense aromas of orange peels and red currant. The palate is smooth with a nice acid-tang freshness. 

Food pairings: Pistou soup, raw vegetables, grilled meat, prawn skewers, apricot pie.
Bottle Size:

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