Kardos Dry Furmint

Grape variety: 100% Furmint

The vineyards that comprise this small estate have been in the Kardos family for centuries, and in more recent years they've quietly gone about making a name for themselves in this region of Hungary that's been home to the famous sweet wines of Tokaj for hundreds of years. From humble beginnings of selling wines from their cellar door in the village of Mád (which is widely regarded as of Tokaj's most prestigious area) started to get more serious when the owners son, Gábor Kardos Jnr. came on board full time in 2008. Abandoning a law degree for the land, Gábor Jnr started modernising the winery, introducing strict yield restrictions, and selective harvesting techniques - all of which dramatically increased overall wine quality. Made from 100% Furmint, one of Hungary's trademark grape varieties, on south facing slopes it's fermented carefully in stainless steel tanks with natural Tokaji yeast. This result is a delightful wine which is extremely drinkable.

Tasting note:
Fresh grapefruit with additional notes of pear and lime. Dry and beautifully crisp there's an elegant minerality which keeps the wine in good balance.
Bottle Size:

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