Jean Luc Colombo Côte Rôtie La Divine

Innovation, passion and dedication are what drives Jean-Luc and Anne Colombo, whose contributions to Rhône Valley winemaking is unparalleled. Armed with a pharmacy degree, Jean-Luc and his wife, Anne, opened their wine laboratory in 1984, “Centre Oenologique des Côtes du Rhône” and quickly developed a thriving reputation as a wine consultant throughout France. The Colombo’s innovative approach in the northern appellation of Cornas was nothing short of revolutionary. Today, Jean-Luc Colombo’s wines across a range of style express the typicity of their terroir with elegance and character, from the Côte Rôtie in the northern Rhône to his Provençal roses.

The roasted slope -- Côte-Rôtie has very steep mica schist terraces from both Côte Blonde and Côte Brune soil slopes. Magic and eternal, “La Divine” combines the intensity and freshness of Syrah with the floral-driven Viognier to produce a truly divine wine!

Tasting Note:
Superb smoky nose of exotic spices and jammy black fruit. Dense flavours prevail; a very complex, concentrated wine.
Bottle Size:

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