Hacienda Albae Cabernet Sauvignon

Following 40 years of growing grapes, the Carpintero family decided it was time to turn their amazing fruit into their own wines. In 2001, they began experimenting and a few years later they were convinced they had the right quality fruit for the wines they wanted to make. The winery was built in the heart of La Mancha, surrounded by their own vineyards and  is one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced wineries in the region. No expense has been spared to ensure maximum quality, their very clear goal. State of the art fermentation tanks so they can vinified each parcel seperately.  Their own machine harvesters allows them to pick at the perfect point of ripeness, which passes quickly here in the hot dry planes of central Spain. A stunning and well equipped barrel cellar provides the finishing touch. 

Made 100% from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from their own vineyard. The Hacienda Albae Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine with a perfect degree of ripeness due to our climate. The perfect adaptation in the vineyard makes it easy to harvest at its optimal point. It shows a fruity varietal expression hard to find in a Cabernet.

Tasting Note:
This is a wine of intense red color with violet hues; the nose is fruity and complex, with a touch of mineral. The palate is structured, with great volume and persistence.
Bottle Size:

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