Ferraton Saint-Joseph La Source Blanc

Maison Ferraton was founded in 1946 by Jean-Orëns Ferraton, the scion of family of vignerons with a small holding in Hermitage. Expansion of the family business continued apace under his son Michel, who bought vineyards in St-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage. In addition to this he established a high-quality negociant arm, producing superior wines from the length of the Rhône Valley. This bijou producer has long been a firm proponent of organic and biodynamic farming, with an increasing number of wines produced according to these principles.

Crafted from 100 % Marsanne grapes. Pale yellow; there’s a reserved nose here, cussed, hardly stirred out of its den. It’s lined with a couch of close-knit white fruits that have vintage thickness, firmness. The palate is buttery, bears firm, mid-weight content.

Tasting Note:
Ripe citrus and nectarine flavours are lifted by a perfumed, floral note. Medium bodied, with real concentration on the mid-palate and a fresh, balanced finish.

Bottle Size:

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