Crittenden Estate Peninsula Chardonnay


Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay

Garry Crittenden was the first vintner to see the potential of the Mornington Peninsula as a thriving wine region. His first modest five acres more than doubled the area under vine in the region and since those first plantings in 1982, his commitment to the region has seen the Mornington Peninsula flourish to world recognition. Each planting provides unique and desirable characters to the finished blend. Early harvest and minimal oak & malolactic reliance has helped retain its vibrancy with characters of white stone fruit and citrus abundant on the nose and palate. Extended time on lees has further enhanced the textural complexity of the wine while the retained natural acidity ensures a fresh clean finish.

Tasting note:
Dried fruits with a lingering nutty aroma. Spices and sweet luscious golden fruits, all balanced with an acid spine.

Bottle Size:

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