Chateau Burgozone Sauvignon Blanc

Chateau Burgozone was founded in 2002 however there are Roman remains in and around the vineyards, evidence of Bulgaria’s wine history dating back thousands of years. Today the vineyard enjoys a moderate continental climate blessed with sough-after combination of hot days and cool nights, as well as benefitting from the qualities of being in such close proximity to the Danube River.

Château Burgozone Sauvignon Blanc is a modern version of this lovely variety, stylistically between the classic fresh and green Loire style and the extravagant and expressive New Zealand style. Burgozone’s take on Sauvignon Blanc offers a sophisticated and complex wine. The wine will perfectly accompany your appetizers, as well as is the best choice to emphasize the finesse of exquisite seafood, fish, and vegetarian dishes.

Tasting Note:
With harmonious, elegant, and fresh aromas of citrus, exotic fruits, and light herbs, full on the palate with herbaceous and tropical fruit character
Bottle Size:

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