Bodega Roda, Sela

It is thought that when the Romans settled in Bordeaux, some of the vine cuttings they brought with them and planted had originated in La Rioja. Over 2 millennia later, Rioja is the most famous of Spanish wines, and forward-looking producers are seamlessly fusing tradition and modernity to create wines of complexity and character. One such producer is Bodegas Roda, a winery founded in the late 1980s which has rapidly gained renown for its meticulous and exacting research into Tempranillo, one of Spain’s oldest indigenous grape varieties. Using the most modern of technology, Roda have perfected the art of Tempranillo, and for that reason it is no surprise that they are one of the region’s superstars.

Sela offers attractive youth alongside the character for which Bodegas Roda are famous. A relatively new wine from these Rioja stars, aiming to create a more approachable, easy-drinking style of riojano reds; a newcomer it may be, but one that is already making its mark.

Tasting Note:
The nose is bursting with red fruit aromas - cherries, redcurrants and blackberries. The palate is elegant with lively, fresh flavours with well-integrated oak and a long finish.
Bottle Size:

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