Bibo Runge Deserteur Alkoholfrei


The first non-alcoholic wine from Weingut Bibo Runge, Deserteur is made using high quality, handpicked grapes from the Rheingau. The alcohol is gently removed from the wine before a hint of their best Riesling is added. A top quality white wine with refreshing acidity. Maybe one of the best non-alcoholic wines, but you be the judge! Weingut Bibo Runge promise an intense taste experience, and they take their time to achieve this: all their grapes are hand-picked from old vineyards around the village of Hallgarten in the Rheingau, Germany. This results in vegan wines that have been given the time to develop themselves.

Tasting note: The palate is not too sweet, charmingly preserving the character of a dry Riesling. 

Bottle Size:

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