Antinori Bramito Chardonnay

The Antinori family have been producing wine in Tuscany for six centuries, and exporting it for four; that’s twenty-six generations of uninterrupted family ownership. The first recorded mention of the family dates from 1188, when they worked in the silk trade. They moved to Florence in the early thirteenth century, and remain central figures in the fabric of the city; Piazza Antinori is the square in the historic centre where their offices are located. Winemaking was added to the family’s activities in 1385, and during the sixteenth century the wines spread, along with Antinori’s reputation, to France, Flanders, Spain and North Africa. The purchase of the Tignanello estate in 1900 marked the beginning of a remarkable period of expansion, which shows no signs of abating. Through judicious acquisition of vineyards and an uncanny knack for developing iconic wines, Antinori has become Tuscany’s – arguably Italy’s – pre-eminent wine producer, with an important presence in Piedmont, Lombardy, Umbria and Puglia. Marchese Piero Antinori sums up the company’s outlook thus: “Ancient roots play an important role in our philosophy, but they have never held back our spirit of innovation.

Bramito is a classy Italian Chardonnay from the Castello della Sala estate in Umbria, owned by Antinori, one of Italy's most famous and historic winemaking familys. Antinori purchased Castello della Sala in 1940, when looking to move into producing more white wines. The first vintage of the great 'Cevaro' label was in 1985, and this wine is today recognised as one of (if not the) best Italian examples of Chardonnay. Bramito was first released in 1994, as the younger sibling, produced with the same quality but as an earlier drinking style. 

Tasting Note:
Beautifully structured and balanced with a wonderful freshness set against a creamy hint of oak. There are flavours of ripe apple, peach, lemons and chamomile, with a touch of vanilla and slight hint of toast.
Bottle Size:

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