Lucchetto Prosecco Extra Dry DOC

Grape variety: 100% Glera

The history of our Company is strictly tied to the history of our family. Our family history dates back a long time. In fact the Company was established in 1920 when Mr. Francesco Minini, young soldier, came back from First World War: with a little money and a great determination decided to start the wine business in a rural economy and a poor market. For this reason, the love for the land never abandoned our family hence maintaining a great passion, determination and humility in managing the Company.
Luccheti D'Amore, named for a symbol of love and commitment. Lucchetto Prosecco is made with love in the heart of italy. Best enjoyed with the one you love.

Tasting note:
Delicately refreshing with a fine balance of fresh fruit, tingling acidity and subtle sweetness.
Bottle Size:

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