Chateau Filhot, Grand Cru Classe 375ml

The Château Filhot was founded in 1709 by Romain de Filhot and is now owned and managed by one of his descendants: count Henri de Vaucelles. The estate covers an area of 350 hectares with 62 hectares of vineyard all along the south of the Sauternes village in the Sauternes appellation.

Created from a mixture of grape varieties of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel. Chateau collects a small crop, and always carefully monitors the exceptional quality of the fruit. Wine is made from grapes grown in the south of the village of Sauternes, in the south-western slopes. Crop is harvested by hand, each variety is fermented separately in small stainless steel tanks with temperature control. After a light filtration grades are mixed, the resulting mixture is settled for 14 months, then placed in French oak barrels Allier and steel tanks, where the aged for 24-30 months.

Tasting Note:
Rich, powerful and warm taste of wine is filled with shades of pineapple, lemon, orange peel, lychee fruit.
Bottle Size:

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